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CYCLEbyCELL consortium description

CYCLEbyCELL introduces a network of ten (10) different partners representing a broad spectrum of stakeholders, besides their geographical distribution (IT, HU, ES, PL, BE, MT, SL) indicates trans-national collaboration. The core consortium consists of the well-recognized cluster in the packaging sector, the association between universities (GSICA) and a consortium of SMEs that has collaborated for years in innovation development alongside the coordinator of the consortium, CLS Providentia.

Moreover, the presence of COMIECO (national umbrella organization in the environment and paper recycling sector) and GSICA (Association) will provide their expertise in standardization/regulatory issues and aspects regarding communication and dissemination.
The ACS – Asomi College of Sciences of Malta provides the consortium with the opportunity to verify systemic solutions on an island’s territory.

Additionally, ACS introduces a master in wp 6, offering managers and experts in the environmental sector to learn the techniques and strategies required by the project.

The consortium also includes industrial partners selected to assist the setup and evolution of the CYCLEbyCELL Systemic Solution through the implementation of the platform. The supply chain spans from novel materials producers (CLS) to downstream industry (COMMER CARTA) and includes six other territorial clusters (Natureef – ACP –DBH – Pack4F – ACS – ICPapir). The latter operates in the packaging sector in Catalonia, the Flanders region, Podkarpackie region and cities Valletta, Ljubljana, and Budapest

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